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Introducing the XL Ball Valve

Written by ANCORP

BV Manual WebA&N ball valves consist of a body, stem, ball, and two end caps machined from corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel. Fluoroelastomers are used to seal the stem and end caps from atmosphere while the PTFE Teflon® seats cold flow around the ball to isolate the process when closed. The valve is opened and closed manually or pneumatically by ¼ turn, quick actuation. During actuation, the PTFE Teflon® seats wipe across the ball. This feature reduces particulate build-up, making this valve robust in particle-rich effluent streams.

The XL Difference
A&N Corporation’s XL ball valve is the latest generation of a long line of A&N vacuum ball valves. The XL improvements are centered on the stem design of the valve.

When leading OEM’s came to A&N looking for a more durable valve for today’s harsh coating processes, A&N engineers went to work testing new stem designs – the XL design was born. This new patent pending design extends the stem seal life by 100X, has fewer wetted components, and a fully stabilized stem along with all the other features of A&N ball valves. In short, the XL ball valve reduces valve maintenance, reduces tool downtime, and increases throughput. It’s the reason A&N remains the leading innovator in vacuum ball valves. Applications The corrosive resistant design of A&N vacuum ball valves make them ideal for isolating reactors, traps, and scrubbers on vacuum coating tools used for MOCVD, PVD, and other thin-film coating processes. Extended Life (XL) High Vacuum Ball Valve

• Poppetless design
• ¼ turn actuation
• Straight-through unimpeded flow
• Machined from corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel
• Rugged construction with few wetted components
• Leak tight in static and dynamic operation
• Ball and seat design reduces particulate buildup

New for 2011 Patent Pending XL Design
• 10X longer cycle life
• Reduced wetted components
• Fully stabilized stem

Fully stabilized stem Teflon® seat 316L machined stainless steel ball and body Smooth bore, unimpeded flow Evac hole Configurable flange end cap design Engineered Solutions for a Changing Industry 1-800-Flange1 A&N CORPORATION

Download the Extended Life (XL) Ball Valve Product Spec Sheet