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Faster Leak Testing in the Manufacture of Semiconductors - INFICON UL3000 Fab ULTRA

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INFICON UL3000 Fab ULTRA Saves Valuable Time and Money in Semiconductor Industry

UL3000 Fab ULTRA sil LARGE

Syracuse, 22, June 2020 +++ INFICON USA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of instruments and equipment for leak testing, has introduced the latest generation of its slim, mobile leak detectors with the "UL3000 Fab ULTRA.” INFICON has refined the detector for the special requirements of equipment used to manufacture semiconductor chips, solar cells and flat panel displays, for glass and plastic foil coating as well as for vacuum process equipment. The detector uses the vacuum method with helium as the tracer gas in order to safely detect the smallest leaks. The new UL3000 Fab ULTRA replaces the scroll pump used in previous models with a high-performance roots pump. This superior roughing pump allows the UL3000 Fab ULTRA to evacuate production equipment being tested much faster – especially when it is very large. Due to its high air pumping capacity (up to 36 m³ per hour) particularly in the relevant pressure range (normal pressure down to 1 mbar), the detector reduces the evacuation time and hence downtime in production facilities decisively. At a semiconductor manufacturer, the entire purchase price of the detector pays for itself within minutes thanks to shorter process interruption that results in faster testing process times. Another advantage of the new UL3000 Fab ULTRA is the low-maintenance roots pump which reduces operating costs.

Checking complex, ultra-clean vacuum units for semiconductors quickly and reliably
When it comes to vacuum chambers with a volume to be evacuated of 100 l, the new INFICON-specified roots pump featured on the UL3000 Fab ULTRA is already half a minute faster than other common pump models such as scroll or other roots pumps. On larger units with a volume of 1000 l, the time saved is even more than 5 minutes. The actual leak check thus starts much sooner and the interruption to production is shorter. General plus points of the UL3000 leak detector line from INFICON are the slim, mobile design, the quick readiness to measure, the robustness, and the intuitive operating concept. This also applies to the unit’s economy sister model, the UL 3000 Fab, which works with a scroll pump. Both leak detectors produced by INFICON can identify leak rates of down to 5 ∙ 10-12 mbar∙l/s when testing the vacuum in wafer chambers. The appliances are also suitable for locating leaks on process gas and  vacuum lines, which can often be found in semiconductor manufacturing fabs. In the case of sniffer leak detection, the appliances in the UL3000 family identify threshold leak rates of up to 5 ∙ 10-8 mbar∙l/s.

Best value in the industry for evacuation
Daniel Hoffmann, Sales and Service Manager for Leak Detection at INFICON USA, emphasizes speed and maintenance-freedom as the critical benefits of the new UL3000 Fab ULTRA: “The speed of the process is a decisive cost factor for testing leaks in semiconductor production facilities. We have managed to achieve a massive development leap here with the new roots pump. The UL3000 Fab ULTRA, due to its new roughing pump with a very high air extraction capacity – especially in the relevant pressure range from normal pressure to 1 mbar – sets a new benchmark in the industry: 36 m³ per hour maximum. Besides the fast evacuation rate, the freedom from maintenance is also an important plus point of the new detector, as it further reduces the operating costs and increases availability.”

Low-Maintenance and reduced TCO
In conventional scroll pumps, abrasion occurs. As a result, the scroll head and its tip seal must be replaced regularly. Because the working principle of the new roots pump is frictionless, it prevents this abrasion – and the time spent on maintenance is reduced. In addition, the new UL3000 Fab ULTRA works without an exhaust filter, which would otherwise need to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. The UL3000 Fab ULTRA is uniquely designed so the roots pump and its inverter are housed separately within the unit. This design makes it possible to replace the pump only or the inverter only, optimizing the saving of both time and costs associated with this end of life service, if needed.

More information is available at https://products.inficon.com/en-us/nav-products/product/detail/ul3000%20fab%20(ultra)/


INFICON is one of the world’s leading developers, producers and providers of instruments and detectors for leak testing. The leak detectors are used for demanding industrial processes in production and quality control, covering a wide range of applications. INFICON’s main customers are manufacturers and service companies for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the automotive and automotive supply industry, the semiconductor industry as well as manufacturers of leak testing equipment. Virtually all large semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers are among its customers. Technology developed by INFICON is used, for example, to test facilities for the production of processors, data memories, sensors, solar cells and flat screens – components that are among the most important elements in PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and accessories.

Incorporated in INFICON Holding based in Switzerland, the company resorts to key components developed in house for its appliances, for example mass spectrometers and vacuum appliances. In 2006 INFICON revolutionized leak detection technology using tracer gas with the patented INFICON Wise TechnologyTM. In 2011 INFICON acquired the hydrogen leak detection division (the former Sensistor division) from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

In the meantime, INFICON is able to look back on more than 50 years of experience in leak detection technology. With production sites in Cologne (Germany), Balzers (Liechtenstein), Linköping (Sweden), Syracuse (USA) and Shanghai (China) as well as sales offices in all major industrial countries and an extended network of sales partners, INFICON handles sales worldwide. In the 2019 financial year, INFICON AG generated worldwide sales of USD 381.7 million with more than 1,000 employees. The registered shares of INFICON (IFCN) are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. For more information, visit www.inficon.com

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