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KJLC Patent Pending Precursor Focusing TechnologyTM (PFTTM)

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Kurt J. Lesker Company introduces Precursor Focusing Technology (PFT)—an inactive gas and precursor dispersion apparatus for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems. This patent pending ALD precursor dispersion apparatus allows for focusing of precursor gas/vapor onto a substrate surface for improved process performance. Benefits of this technology include improved precursor utilization efficiency as well as shorter cycle times.

figure 1

Since ALD is based on a surface controlled growth mechanism, film uniformity depends primarily on distribution of active surface sites and completion of surface reactions during each precursor pulse step. Efficient precursor delivery is required to complete surface reactions quickly and without significant waste.

Adequate purging between precursor pulse steps is critical since overlapping of pulses results in parasitic CVD reactions that decrease film uniformity and increase the potential for gas phase reactions and associated film defects. Moreover, rapid purging is necessary to reduce overall process times, since cycle times are largely determined by the duration of purge steps.

figure 2

Dispersion apparatus design is based on inactive gas flow that is continuous, viscous and laminar where the specific distribution of flow results in focusing of precursor during dose steps. During subsequent purge steps, the inactive gas flow distribution enables efficient purging of the main ALD reaction chamber for robust ALD process performance.

The Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC), founded in 1954, is a global manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and systems for the high and ultra‑high vacuum equipment market.


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