From the AVEM Chairman

On behalf of the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers, I thank you for your support during the past year. It has been an exciting year for our industry, as investment in the United States continues. AVEM has worked to provide our member companies insight into this new investment, so everyone can share in this growth. We have highlighted vacuum applications at our meetings and our website. Any in the industry currently not participating are encouraged to join and shape the future of AVEM by participating in committees.

In this issue of the Vacuum Resource Guide, we are offering insights into Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) process. This process is used in the semiconductor industry and is now a major advance in energy storage, as the search is on for the “perfect” battery.

The annual Resource Guide highlights the products and services offered by our member companies. Our members provide a broad range of vacuum solutions, including systems, pumps, and instrumentation, as well as hardware and deposition components. For additional information on the companies listed in the guide, please visit the AVEM website, www.avem.org, where our Membership Directory provides company profiles and detailed descriptions of products and services offered by each AVEM member.

AVEM is a not-for-profit source for market data across the vacuum industry in North America. AVEM provides industry statistics and marketing services to member companies. AVEM personnel represent the U.S. vacuum market as a key member of the International Statistics on Vacuum Technology (ISVT) Working Group. In addition to the Resource Guide, AVEM offers numerous marketing opportunities for our members, including banner ads on our website, space for literature in our booth at tradeshows, in-depth listings on our website and advertising opportunities. Our experience has shown that our top executives benefit from networking forums and programs that assist members to address business challenges. AVEM hosts at least one dynamic program with dedicated time for networking each year. In 2016, AVEM will be launching online training programs for members.

If you have input or ideas for a new program that would provide a benefit to the industry and to our members, please contact us at aveminfo@avem.org. We are always looking for ways to serve you better. Thank you for keeping AVEM strong and relevant. We will continue to work hard for you, our members and partners.

David W. Dedman
2015-16 Chairman, AVEM CEO
Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America Inc.
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