About www.AVEM.org

AVEM.org, the official website of the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers, is a hub and source of information for both manufacturers of vacuum equipment and those across the industry looking to locate manufacturers of specific vacuum products. With an average monthly traffic of more than 11,000 viewers, AVEM.org is a true resource within the industry.

Visitors to the website seeking vacuum product suppliers are involved in the manufacture of a broad range of high-tech products, from semiconductors to solar panels and many other emerging technologies. These visitors represent a powerful and influential constituency in some of the most promising and highest-growth fields of today’s economy.

In addition to Membership and Products & Services Directories, AVEM.org contains technical articles, archives of the annual AVEM Resource Guide and Directory, and Member Releases.

The Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM) is the only non-profit U.S. association dedicated fully to companies that manufacture vacuum equipment and supplies that serve and advance vacuum science and technology. AVEM was founded in 1969 and is the only non-profit source for market data across the vacuum industry in North America.